NCECE provides webinars on a variety of topics related to older adult health. Registration for NCECE training and technical assistance is free. Learn about upcoming webinars as they are scheduled and check out the resources from our past webinars below. 

Upcoming Webinar

Past Webinars

April 15, 2020: Health Centers as Age-Friendly Health Systems

March-April, 2020: 2020 Diabetes In Special & Vulnerable Populations: A National Learning Series

February-March, 2020: Webinar Series: Sexual Health and Wellness for LGBTQIA+ Older Adults:

November 21, 2019: Supporting Aging in Place Programs: The Role of Community Health Workers

August 22, 2019: Diabetes Management and Oral Health Among Older Adults Experiencing Homelessness: Promising and Evidence-Based Practices for Health Centers in Diabetes Management and Oral Care

June 24, 2019: Medication Adherence in the Elderly with Diabetes: Strategies to Improve Outcomes Amidst Challenges in the Geriatric Population

May 28, 2019: Addressing Food Insecurity Among Older Adults in Clinical Settings

April 9, 2019: Diabetes Continuum of Care: Using Behavioral Health and Substance Use Disorder Integration to Address Older Adults with Cognitive Impairments and Diabetes

April 3, 2018: Facing the Challenges of Oral Health for Seniors

May 10, 2018: Population Specific Approaches to SDOH (Elderly, LGBT, Migrant workers and Residents of Public Housing)

April 25, 2018: Addressing the Transportation Needs of the Elderly Population

January 29, 2018: Health Center Strategies for Diabetes Screening and Prevention for Children, Adults and the Elderly